Easter basket swap

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Easter basket swap

Postby Lillard5 » Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:50 am

Easter basket swap- made out of things around the house. Supplies:
1. Scissors
2. Glue ( I use Tacky glue), or hot glue gun- this will burn the tensile - so use Low heat
3. Bottle caps - any size plastic bottle caps- this is the Easter basket
4. Scrap ribbon - for handle of Easter basket
5. Grass - either metallic or paper tensile - this will be the grass to fill the basket
6. Safety pin(s)
7. Pony beads - these will be the eggs
8. Glitter- to match the grass and fill open space in basket
Cut the tensile into small "grass blades", then put some glue all around the bottle cap turned up; this will be the bottom of the basket- fill it with the cut up grass. I glued the grass pieces up the sides so you can see it better. Push the grass blades down so they stick and wait a few for the grass to dry. Next I put more glue on top of the grass in the center and place the pony beads on their side to look like eggs. I used glow in the dark pastel beads, but you can use what ever you have, as long as it looks like eggs. I made the glue thick enough so the beads are almost half way submerged so they will stick. Then I took some extra grass and weaved them randomly around the eggs. I sprinkled the glitter on top to cover the glue and for shine. I then took the scrap ribbon I had and trimmed it fit as the handle to the basket. I put glue on the ends and secured it inside the basket in between the cap and eggs or grass. Put the safety pin through the handle and put your little tag w/name , troop and date and your'e done. I hope this was explained well. Please post if you have questions.
I came up with this ideas because I didn't see that many online. Thanks and happy CRAFTiNG!
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