Daisy law swap

Daisy law swap

Postby Leah » Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:58 am

I have 7 Daisies (2 kindergarten, 7 1st grade) that will be making swaps within their own troop at the end of our first year, and the theme will have to do with the 10 petals they receive when they learn the law. The 3 extras will be a couple of helpers, and myself to make up the full 10.

I have bought them hats, so that when we are all done, they can attach the swap to the hat and wear it when we go on outings.

Each girl will pick one 'outing' that we have done for this year and that will be their swap and it will have to do with the law.

For example, we were kind and considerate when we went up to our adopt-a-school partner, which happens to be a nursing home, and we decorated their tree, sang songs, donated Christmas cookies, made Christmas mice out of felt, etc. So that swap could be a Christmas mouse that looks like the ones we made, with the back saying kind and considerate.

I am going to make all the tags ahead of time that have all the words to the law previously printed, so all the girls have to do is write their name and the year that we did them.

I am looking for some other outings that we could possibly go on that the girls would like. We have thought about the police station, fire station, having a nurse/dr. come and talk to us, but looking for something kind of unique that they would truly enjoy out of the ordinary.

Any suggestions?

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Girl Scout Law swaps

Postby yackie4camp » Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:44 am

For honest and fair you could take the girls to a type of sporting event (make a swap that deals with playing a game),; friendly and helpful- are there any shut-ins in the area that the girls could help(perhaps a small flower in a pot)? They could go for a few hours as a troop and help them do some yard work. For courageous and strong, have a picnic or fun day for military families. Just keep thinking like you are and you will come up with lots of ideas. Jackie
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